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The firm, comprising native English, Hebrew and French speakers fully integrated into Israeli legal society, serves as an interface between Israeli society and the French & English speaking world. The client base is composed largely of North Americans or other English speakers doing business in Israel, or Israelis dealing abroad. Moreover, the firm has been involved in major commercial, constitutional and labor litigation


Raphael Perez Adv.

Raphael holds a law degree from Bar Ilan University. He has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1998. He has been a notary since 2008. He completed his internship at the Jerusalem District Court under Judge E.C. Ben Zimra. 

He is a graduate of the Yeshiva Bet El. Raphael is a recognized expert in real estate law and in particular in the following specialties: Tama 38, initiation and support of acquisition groups, bank financing of projects, and real estate taxation. Raphael regularly advises companies and individuals on commercial, contract and corporate law.

Raphael was one of the pioneers in the 2000s in terms of buying groups for real estate investment in Israel. Whether through the Jewish Agency’s Aliyah fairs or through his work in the field as a lawyer or through his blog, he has never ceased to put forward, innovate and find new ways to make each purchase project in Israel a successful Aliyah.

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